Solid State Voltage Regulator
10-40A ZGINC series resistance control solid voitage regulator.   

     ZGINC Series Solid Voltage Regulator is composed of resistance capacitance phase shifting circuit and absorption
circuit, with power output executed by two-way continue rollable silicon. The output voltage waveform at both ends of
the load may be adjusted with a outboard potentiometer while using for convenient stepless adjustment of voltage and
power. It is widely used in dimming of light equipment (filament lamp), temperature control of resistance electric
heating appliance and other power adjusting occasions.

With small volume, substitute for contact voltage regulator;
No mechanical contact point, greatly improving safety;
With flameproof engineering plastic shell and epoxy resin embedding,
especially applicable for occasions such as damp- or explosion proof.

2W-470-680K-X       input outboard potentiometer
220Va.c.            output rated voltage
10162540Aa.c  output rated current
1.6Va.c. max        output voltage drop while being fully switched on
1.5mAa.c.max        output leakage current while being fully cut off
600Vp min           withstand transient voltage while cutting off
2500Va.c.min/50Hz   withstand voltage of media between outlet terminal and bottom plate

The exit voltage of controllable silicon phase modulation waveform will produce radiofrequency interference (it will
decrease if an inductive circuit is connected to the load loop in series). More attention shall be paid in using for
there is no isolation between input control terminal and output load terminal. An outside radia tor shall be mounted
if working at rated current for a long time (a radiator of 0.5K/W shall be mounted for the voltage regulator at rated
current of 40A;1K/W for the voltage regulator at rated current less than 40A); the current shall be decreased while
using if the environment temperature is extremely high.

Wiring diagram


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